Killer Tea

      KILLER TEA            

By the time a tea smells like a disgusting sewer it’s gone bad.  It may provide some benefit to plants but it’s really over the hill.  There are 2 major aspects to teas and one of them is almost never discussed.

  • Most growers think of tea brewing as cultivating a soup of beneficial bacteria that are applied to the roots to improve disease resistance and root health and, hence, to improve plant growth.
  • What is not so well known is that some of the incredible effects on plant growth are due to the metabolic by-products of certain bacteria- not the bacteria itself.

     Therefore, in order to make the most powerful and effective tea, the process must be stopped during a narrow time window when the potency peaks.  It took 2 years to get it right but you can see and smell the difference. Because of the careful way it’s made, it’s ready-to-use and has a long shelf life.
     100% natural.  Made from pure worm castings and potent seabird and bat guanos.  

  • Root accelerator for cuttings.  Use 1-2 tsp/gallon of water.
  • Growth stimulant in Veg. Use 1 oz/gallon of water.  For best results also use Deep Breath.
  • Increases fragrance and aroma during bloom.  Use 1 oz. or more/gallon.
  • Use during flush for extra "swell".  Use 1 oz. or more/gallon.