If you’re new to growing or you’ve tried some of our products and want to discover what makes us unique in the industry, then check out our Starter Pack. We strive for quality, yield and simplicity. You get our complete line except for Crystal Burst (because you get Sonic Bloom) and Purple Maxx (... read more!
DEEP FUSION NUTRIENT SYSTEM   All growers want the flavor and fragrance of products grown with natural fertilizers but also want the high yields of potent chemical nutrients. FINALLY:  ORGANIC AND CHEMICAL NUTRIENTS in 1 system   ORGANIC BASE: Contains kelp and molasses... read more!
DEEP BREATH BLOOM ACCELERATOR Strategies for achieving high yields must begin during the vegetative cycle. Biochemical processes for flowering are underway in a plant long before flowering is visible but until now no company has researched and developed a pre-bloom boost.  Deep Breath... read more!
G 10  (GRAVITATION #10)     TAKES THE ART OF FLOWERING TO A NEW LEVEL   G10 (Gravitation #10) is a must-have product for serious growers.   Nothing on the market will boost your yields like G10. Aggressively swells the size and increases the mass of... read more!
  MAGNUM    MAGNUM is our high potency Magnesium/Sulfur boost with vitamin B1.  Magnesium is the essential element in chlorophyll which is what allows plants to uptake CO2 and use sunlight to make sugars, and B1 helps mitigate the stress of high performance bloom regimens... read more!
  SONIC BLOOM  (0-51-34) with B1,B2,B3,B6   Outperforms any PK booster on the market. Initiates and stimulates profuse flower development. Stimulates resinous oil and fragrance production in many flowers and medicinal herbs. 20 times the vitamin B1 of other popular... read more!
CRYSTAL BURST BLOOM BOOSTER (0-15-15) with B1   One of the most concentrated PK bloom boosters on the market:   Increases the size and mass of flowers. Stimulates resinous oils and fragrance production in many culinary and medicinal herbs. Initiates and stimulates... read more!
        KILLER TEA               THE FIRST PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY TEA   MAKES TEA BREWING OBSOLETE   By the time a tea smells like a disgusting sewer it’s gone bad.... read more!
SNOW STORM ULTRA  THE ORIGINAL TRICHOME STIMULANT. GIVE YOUR PLANTS THAT “SNOWY FROSTED” LOOK THAT GROWERS LOVE. Always works.  Swells trichomes - no other product compares. Stimulates the development of new trichomes - even on... read more!
  PURPLE MAXX   The name says it all.  A product so incredible it couldn’t be invented on purpose but had to be discovered by accident.  Purple Maxx will force color development in susceptible strains so your plants attain full color when it’s time to harvest.  Also... read more!