Purple Maxx




The name says it all.  A product so incredible it couldn’t be invented on purpose but had to be discovered by accident.  Purple Maxx will force color development in susceptible strains so your plants attain full color when it’s time to harvest.  Also stimulates crystal, resin and fragrance development in all strains just like Snow Storm Ultra.
  • Many growers delay harvest waiting for better color development and end up with brown rot inside their flowers.
  •  Why take a chance.  Don’t wait and hope. Make it happen.
  • Get full color development in susceptible strains.
  • Save money: Use Snow Storm Ultra for trichome, crystal, resin and fragrance development in bloom then switch to Purple Maxx 2-3 weeks before harvest.
  • More effective as a foliar feed.  One bottle goes a lot further.
  • Can also be used during flush.

Soil Usage:   Use 1 tsp/gallon of water beginning 2-3 weeks before harvest.  For some strains, increase to 2-3 tsp/gallon for extreme intensification. Best to continue through flush if you are flushing.  

Hydro Usage:   Same as Soil.

Foliar:    Use 1 tsp/gallon 2-3 times per week.  Spray lightly using the finest mist possible- do not wet flowers.  Can increase to 2 tsp/gallon if desired.


Growers tell us that many of the newer strains respond very well to Purple Maxx.